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Best Vintage-style Sewing Machines

Best vintage-style sewing machines Sewing machines come in a wide variety of designs with different features. However, very few apparatuses can rival the alluring look and charm of vintage sewing machines. The good news is that several contemporary machines boast of a vintage design without compromising on the features. In fact, these apparatuses are equipped with cutting-edge features that will help you finish your project in no time at all. In spite of their vintage exterior, these machines also include wider tables for large projects.
Here are some of the best models on the market.


SINGER 160The SINGER 160 Anniversary Limited Edition Computerized Sewing Machine has a sleek vintage design that is guaranteed to please anyone who is fond of old-fashioned sewing apparatuses. Priced between $2000 and $3000, this sewing machine has a quick-view stitch sewing display hence enabling you to very quickly select the best stitch size for your project. The machine even includes a one-stitch stitch selection system which makes it extremely easy for you to personalize your stitches, a feature which is perfect for monogramming. This vintage-style sewing machine also includes no less than 24 built-in stitches, including 1-step buttonhole, decorative, stretch and essential stitches. The automatic needle threader is also a great option for elderly users or any user with poor eyesight since it enables you to take care of this fiddly task in a mere matter of seconds.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine features a vintage design with an embossed stainless steel plate. In spite of its vintage look, this apparatus features a surprisingly solid build and can withstand quite a lot of wear and tear. This machine is designed to provide ample sewing space, hence enabling you to work on larger projects such as evening wear, bedding and the likes. In fact, this machine is reputed for having the largest work table in the entire Janome collection. Thanks to the touchscreen, it is possible to edit and create a variety of new designs. In fact, users can easily make a variety of additional designs on their computers and transfer them to the sewing machine. Best of all, this vintage-style apparatus comes with a unique AcuFeed system which will allow you to enhance your quilting. The bonus kit also includes 5 packs blue-tip needles, polyester thread assortment and even a 5 spool thread.

Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine with LCD Screen

Brother Designio Series DZ2400Extremely budget-friendly in spite of its numerous features, the Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine with LCD Screen, Bonus Accessories costs between $400 and $500. Featuring a vintage design, this apparatus has no less than 221 built-in stitches. With an LCD screen, this apparatus comes with an automatic needle threader that undeniably renders this fiddly task far easier. The extra-large sewing space is ideal for larger projects such as quilting. The machine also includes cutting-edge features such as stitch memory, editing, mirror elongating and stitch elongation.

Sewing Machines For Heavier Fabrics

Sewing machines can come in extremely handy to sewers who want to make their own bedding, clothes and the likes. Indeed, a sewing machine will also help you cut back on your everyday expenses since you can easily make your own items at a very low cost. Best of all, sewing machines can easily be purchased in both offline and online stores.

If you intend on working with heavier fabrics, however, it is important to go for some specific models to ensure a safe, reliable and quick sewing process. We found to be very helpful. Here are some recommended models.

Janome Memory Craft Sewing Machine 6500P

Janome Memory Craft Sewing Machine 6500PPriced between $1000 and $2000, the Janome Memory Craft Sewing Machine 6500P is ideal for thicker fabrics such as leather, denim and the likes. In fact, thanks to the exceptionally rapid sewing speed of 1000 SPM, this machine can be used to drastically reduce the number of weeks that you require to complete your project. The sewing machine can also be used for larger sewing projects such as quilting, bedding, eveningwear and the likes. With this apparatus, users can also benefit from an independent bobbin winding system as well as a top load bobbin system. Best of all, it also includes a built-in thread trimmer and a vertical tread delivery system for ease of use. With a 9.5” sewing bed, this Professional Grade apparatus also has a super-powerful 1 amp motor. It also features 5 blanket stiches for appliques as well as a knee lifter that enables you to work with both hands.


SINGER 7469QThe SINGER 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine costs between $200 and $300. In spite of its affordable price, this apparatus features a solid build and can easily be used for heavier fabrics. Perfect for denim, leather and the likes, the machine has 98 built-in stitches, hence providing an endless array of ideas for different projects. Users can also benefit from 7 automatic one-step buttonholes. The needle is up/down programmable to facilitate your task. More importantly, you can also benefit from a drop feed system which largely facilitates both quilting and embroidery. An extension table is also included to help you work with larger and more resistant fabrics.

Brother Designio Series DZ2400

Brother Designio Series DZ2400The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine costs between $200 and $300. Ideal for tougher and heavier fabrics, this machine will enable you to enjoy an extended range of no less than 185 built-in stitches for added versatility. This includes 55 alphanumeric stitches for monogramming as well as 130 sewing stitches. Thanks to the wider work table, you will be able to manipulate different fabrics without having to repeatedly fold them over. In fact, the workspace on this machine is at least 33% larger than on other average machines, making it perfect for quilts, costumes and formalwear. The high quality stitch formation ensures a very easy threading of both the bobbin and top thread.

Best Janome Sewing Machines

Since 1979, Janome has quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in the sewing industry. In fact, Janome was the very first company to develop a fully computerized machine specifically designed for home use. This was also the first company that included embroidery as one of the main features in home sewing machines. Indeed, Janome has an extended range of sewing embroidery and quilting machine to its name. Best of all, these apparatuses are available under different prices, which means that there’s something for just about anyone.

Janome sewing machines are also reputed for their excellent quality. Because they can last for life, Janome machines are often passed down from generation to generation. Most of them are exceptionally easy to operate, regardless of how experienced you are. Janome sewing machines are also packed with features to facilitate the sewing process.

Janome 7330Janome 7330

The Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine costs between $300 and $400. While the price is slightly higher than average, this apparatus delivers a stellar performance and will help you finish your sewing project in just a few days, instead of weeks. With no less than 30 stitches, this particular machine has a computerized stitch selection that will help you easily find the stitch of your choice. Featuring a double lift presser foot, this particular piece of sewing equipment even has a memorized Stop Up/Down needle. It also features a 6 one-step sensor type buttonhole for your convenience. At 20 pounds, this model measures 18.8 x 10.5 x 14.2 inches.

Janome HD3000Janome HD3000

With a built-in needle threader, the Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine costs between $300 and $400. This apparatus also features snap-on presser feet to facilitate your sewing. Users can even benefit from a foot pressure adjustment system for both convenience and ease of use. The machine also includes a 1-step buttonhole system as well as 18 built-in stitches that you can use for regular sewing, monogramming, quilting and embroidery. Users will also receive a plethora of additional accessories such as spool pins, spool holders, set of needles, seam ripper, screwdriver, quilting bar, lint brush, bobbins, hemmers, buttonhole foot, blind hems and the likes.

Janome DC2015Janome DC2015

Priced between $500 and $600, the Janome DC2015 Computerized Sewing Machine can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including garment sewing, home decorating, quilting, scrapbooking and the likes. With a speed control slider, this machine can easily be used for heavy-duty, everyday use. Extremely convenient for both beginners and experienced users, the sewing machine even includes an easy-reserve feature which you can use to eliminate any uneven stitch or mistake in your sewing. If you have small children, you will also appreciate the auto-lock button easily prevents any accident. This sewing machine also has no less than 60 built-in stitches for added variety. Because of its solid aluminum casing, this apparatus is also very resistant to scratches.

Automatic sewing machines: Which model should you go for?

If you would like to cut back on some expenses or simply start your own home-based business, you might want to invest in a sewing machine. One of the handiest machines that anyone can own, a sewing machine will undoubtedly open a world of possibilities. For example, you can very easily use this apparatus to make your favorite clothes at a mere fraction of the cost. It can also be used to create a plethora of additional items such as handbags, purses, duvets, quilts, bedspreads, pillow cases and the likes. Some machines even include monogramming options which will help you easily personalize your items.

Sewing machines can be automatic or manual. It is normally recommended to go for automatic sewing machines if you are no novice to these apparatuses. Indeed, automatic machines are extremely handy and less time-consuming. Not only do they take the hard work off your hands but automatic sewing machines will also allow you to finish your project in far less time than anticipated. In some cases, they are also recommended to beginners because they allow you to very easily learn the ropes with minimal discomfort. Click here for tips for buying a new sewing machine.

Brother XL2600IBrother XL2600I

The Brother XL2600I costs between $50 and $100 and is often hailed as one of the best automatic sewing machine on the market. With a 1-step auto size button holder as well as a drop-in bobbin loading system, this particular machine comes with everything you need to finish your sewing project as quickly as possible. Users will be glad to learn that the machine even includes a lightbulb to provide adequate illumination if you work at night. With 25 built-in stitches, the sewing machine also includes different stitch functions.


The SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate is ideal for users who want to complete their sewing projects as quickly as possible. Priced between $100 and $200, this apparatus even includes 5 presser feet as well as a highly comprehensive and instructional DVD. With no less than 70 built-in stiches, this sewing machine even includes an LED screen that provides easy access to the numerous features. Ideal for quilting, sewing and crafting, this apparatus also has the advantage of being extremely easy to use, even by beginners.

Brother CS6000iBrother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i is a versatile machine that is brimming with a wide variety of features to help you complete your project as quickly as possible. This fully automatic apparatus even includes a jam-resistant feature to keep your sewing as smooth as possible. Best of all, it even includes a hand stop/start button which means that you can use the machine even without the foot control. An LCD display screen is also included to provide you with precise control over various options such as the stitch width as well as the stitch length. This machine costs between $100 and $200.